Weekend at SD Botanic Gardens


A wonderful weekend was spent at San Diego's Botanic Gardens - "Garden Expressions Art Show". Norma, Danielle, Barbara, Christine, Margaret at our booth.

Our Art Display - featuring Pastel, Watercolors, Oils, Collage, Photos and Cards

Beautiful red passionflower

Helen Shafer Garcia at her booth


Feathered friends visit our booth!

Bee on daisy

Visitors at our booth


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Beautiful Christine! I enjoyed manning the booth with you and the other lovely artists!
-- Norma G, 8/23/10

Art Show


I will be participating with a group of artists at San Diego Botanic Garden's "Garden Expressions" event on Saturday and Sunday August 21 and 22.

I will have a collectionof pastel paintings, photographs and photo greeting cards on display. For more information visit www.SDBGarden.org
Photo of my booth from last year's event at San Diego Botanic Garden and a collection of photo greeting cards for sale.


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good luck with the weekend.
-- Lorraine Kefford, 8/17/10

Christine, I love your art!
-- Christopher Bowman, 8/17/10