Sunny day in California


After a few days of rain, sunshine again in California!  A day out at the Wild Animal Park.

Local wildlife!

Pomegranate at nearby farm.


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Lunch at Hacienda de Vega


Patty, Ann, Cheryl and I having lunch at Hacienda de Vega


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Another "Best of Show" winner


Two months in row!  "Best of Show" Winner and 1st Place at the Escondido Artist Gallery.  Another pastel painting from my photos of Venice won Best of Show and 1st Place Mixed Media.  This one is on suede matboard


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Sold "Best of Show" painting "Venice Morning"


My "Best of Show" and 1st Place winning Pastel Painting "Venice Morning" has been sold at the Escondido Artist's Gallery on Grand Avenue Escondido.

This is the second award winning painting I have sold at the Gallery recently.

Venice Morning

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