New collage


Step by step photos


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Brandon Gallery Reception


Myself with Helen and her other students showing their pastel paintings in Fallbrook.

Cup Cakes!


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New Collage


Watercolor, papers and pastel on multimedia board

Vintage photo of three women wearing hats was my reference

Close up


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8 pastels on display in Fallbrook


New painting "Train 852" on display at the Brandon Gallery in Fallbrook.

Field of Sunflowers
Other one of my new paintings "Field of Sunflowers" .

New painting "Strike"

Helen Shafer Garcia and I at the Brandon Gallery.

My day trip to Fallbrook also included a visit to the Fallbrook Arts Center with to see the Signature American Watercolor Exhibition.  Helen Shafer Garcia giving the tour to 30 of her students.

We also visited the Fallbrook Library.  Detail of the beautfil mosaic wall.


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